Now that I'm starting to breed, I'm looking at Ava and Ozzy, because they, too, will one day have puppies. Tomorrow they're getting their OFA radiographs. This will be done under full anesthesia. This will be Ozzy's second OFA evaluation. The first was several months ago; it was done without anesthesia, and he got a rating of "fair". Being totally objective and examining his radiograph critically and objectively, I don't see how this rating was possible, and considering the health of his entire lineage and the very good to excellent OFA ratings his forebears have, the only two explanations are that (1) the radiologist rating Ozzy's hips was either new or having a bad day, or (2) Ozzy's positioning during the radiograph was flawed. Kiki, for example, is rated "excellent", as are her lines. So, fingers crossed for a better rating this time.