I picked up mini from the emergency clinic early afternoon. She seems to be out of pain, bright, alert, and very much herself. Out of all the puppies she is still in the worst shape comparatively. She is completely recumbent and not ambulatory. Like the other puppies, I expect to see her make a recovery, but I also expect hers to take the longest. She has absolutely and undeniably improved while her pain was being managed, but not as much as I expected and because she did not get the proper treatment.

The visit to the emergency clinic was awful. The staff, the technicians, and even the receptionist were outwardly hostile. I don't talk about this very much or if at all, but I have severe PTSD resulting from the way I was treated in the school during my last year, and I found myself on the way home with cold sweats, shaking uncontrollably, and my heart was pounding. Another traumatic emotional experience was pretty much the last thing I needed. Came home, got Mini settled in, and I medicated both of us heavily. This was the worst attack I've had in years. Aside from that, she received part of the treatment she needed, the essential parts, but not all of it. Now that her pain is controlled I know she will get better treatment and care here.

Lani is now walking but is non-weightbearing on one leg. This too will resolve, and the fact that she is actually walking is a gigantic improvement. Ash, for the first time today, stood up on his own. It was brief, and he did not walk, But this is an unmistakable sign of improvement, healing, and progress. Blue is also improving, and his recumbent posture has improved greatly. Legs are more relaxed, muscles less tense, he is much more playful and obnoxious. Tali is improving, Neo looks like he's getting ready to stand.

The other six puppies this morning woke us up with screaming. This was not screaming out of pain, but rather screaming for attention, food, or just perhaps because they felt like it. It was more like a pack howl. This, too, is a very good sign.

Overall, everyone is continuing to improve, and there is no reason to think that this will progress otherwise. Good news: Everyone's improving. Bad news: We are not ready to start shipping. Good news: We will be soon. Bad news: Don't have an exact timetable. Good news: Everyone's patience, compassion, and support will pay off.


Addendum: Spoke to Jason today. Healing is progressing exactly as he would expect.