A Chipper Day

There was no agility today as I managed to screw up my back yesterday moving equipment around; in addition, Ozzy had jumped the fence surrounding the agility ring, thinking momentarily in his youthful excitement that it was just another obstacle. However, this showed up in our yard today and suddenly between him doing that and watching this beast devour foot-diameter trees in two gulps I was having mental images undoubtedly inspired by Stephen King and so decided boring was better.

The wood chipper and the guys are taking care of all the trees we dropped last month to clear out the field; the chips will be used to lay down a path that we're going to start clearing through the woods 20 acres south and 25 acres north of the house. I have visions of going for walks with the dogs without bushwhacking, driving the Argo. and maybe next winter sledding with the dogs.

Plans for trails in the Southern half of the property. The Northern half is much denser and will happen in the next few years.

The trails, pool, and agility course are all steps in making this place Belgian Heaven On Earth.

Instead I made a run for Home Depot for more materials; I had an idea for a new jump and some low obstacles which as far as I know have not been done before. At the same time the PVC for the four red jumps showed up and I unloaded it all into the shop.

I practically had to unload this one pipe at a time. Ouch.

Another bucket list dog to-do was crossed off today; we have hot and cold running water outside. While normal people would be thrilled about having an outdoor mini-kitchen for the grill, we instead are thrilled about being able to give everyone a bath outdoors. We have a free-standing tub for here which will live in the garage on its off hours.

The drain for the tub wound up being a fuel port for a boat:

The deck is now completely surrounded by stone, so the access hatch also got done; also marine hardware and toe-safe:

The dogs did get some fetch time in today:

Thanks for reading.