Agility Day 2: Ozzy & Kiki

Both Ozzy and Kiki had their first agility lesson today, and they both learned the cone jumps, regular jumps, hoopers, and tire jump. We all had a blast.

Ozzy's very excited to be doing something instead of watching the rain... finally.

This is the course so far; I'm, adding adding six more jumps.

Ozzy checking things out.

There are things that just don't go together, like flying a drone while training for agility. Check out Ozzy's posture.

It took Ozzy one try to get the hang of the cone jumps. This is great for rear leg awareness.

Hoopers are so useful for training and ridiculously easy to build. They also work really well as contact area hoops. I can see more showing up this week.

Ozzy is an absolutely magnificent jumper. and does it with flair and panache: When he's mature I'm betting he'll be able to clear 5 feet easily, and then we'll start on broad jumps.

Big Mr. Face had a great time and learned his first obstacles with absolute joy.

Something about the setup put Kiki off and initially she bolted for the house. She's always done this and I've never understood why.

I let her just chill out and wander around for a while.

Kiki got the hang of the cone jumps very quickly, and after a few passes her back toes were no longer hitting the bars.

Kiki masters the tire.

By the second and third times Kiki was running the cone jumps, regular jkumps, tire, and hoopers on command with me running alongside her. She's crazy smart and always has been. I think she has a touch of Malinois in there.

A very happy Kiki at the end of the session.

Weather permitting, tomorrow Bayla and Tuli go play.

Thanks for reading.