Alternate Endings

I know all of you avoid drama like the plague and have no interest in reading negative posts, but this post I absolutely had to write and post. If you want to skip it, please do so now. I will absolutely understand, but I need to post this to set the record straight. That being said, this is one of the hardest posts I have had to write.

Grey Wolfe and Kimberly Roberson apparently had planned what I’m about to describe well in advance of Rylan’s “rescue” when she came up here to Maine to get the puppies. What has resulted is a complete break between us with both Grey Wolfe and Kimberly Roberson. Here’s what happened:

Around the end of February I noticed that Crystal had suddenly stopped communicating through text or emails, and I ascribed this simply to her starting a new job. Prior to that we were texting or speaking every few days. At the time, I didn’t think much of it.

Up until last Thursday, Kimberly Roberson has been a very close friend, and I have gotten Ozzy, Bayla, and Kiki from her, and she has been my main breeding and Belgian mentor up to then. She had also advised me not to switch Kiki's ownership from her to me (I'd never gotten around to it) until after the litter was born. Now I understand why: The AKC considers the dam's owner to be the litter's owner.

Several days before Katy was to go to Kimberly, she and I had a conversation: It started by her asking if I would be “mad” if Katy didn’t receive hydrotherapy. I told her that I wouldn’t, but that Katy would heal much more quickly with it. Kimberley told me that she felt that letting Katy run loose in an enclosed yard by herself would be sufficient. During that same conversation I indicated that it was medically necessary to give her veterinarian my letter, that Katy would need radiographs in six weeks, and that the veterinarian would need access to her previous medical records and radiographs. In a very blasé tone she told me that she was probably going to wait a year and disagreed with my statement that the veterinarian needed the prior radiographs with which to compare the new ones. In other words, she had no intention of complying, and clearly indicated that my opinion was meaningless and that she knew best how to rehab Katy.

When Kimberly “came to the rescue”, she told me “take down your ad at the AKC, your puppies are all placed.” She told Patrice that “people were fighting over the puppies”. The reality of the situation was something slightly different: In four days she had been unable to place a single puppy that she told me had been placed, and that I should consider taking an ad out in the local paper. She also told me that placing a puppy with Camilla was a huge mistake; when I asked for a reason, her response was simply “because it is”. As it turns out, Camilla has gone to extraordinary lengths to prepare for the puppy’s arrival and improvement. This was Kimberly’s version of helping. On top of that, she was calling non-stop despite my repeated requests to her to stop because I was fried, burnt out, and exhausted and anxiety ridden and that I simply didn’t feel like talking to anyone. That didn’t matter to Kimberly.

The following text exchange took place between us:

Rylan came to Maine a few days later. We paid for the rental car, gave her all the cash we had, packed up her car with every item and supply imaginable, including a legally-loaned firearm. She was given all papers for each puppy in sealed envelopes and specifically told not to give any envelope to anyone other than the owner. Patrice and I were both present for this conversation and we both heard Rylan promise to respect our request. After she left, we were in fairly constant touch while she was travelling West until she met up with Crystal in Kentucky. Then all communications practically stopped.

When they arrived home in Arizona, I got one photo of the puppies getting bathed, and that was it. Not a single update, verbal or photo, followed. Several days later I happened to mention to Rylan that I spoke to her vet, and the following text exchange took place:

Rylan (and presumably Crystal) immediately took this to mean that I had called her veterinarian, whose number they refused to give me the day before, and that this indicated my lack of faith or trust in their ability to care for the puppy and an attempt on my part to “micromanage” the puppy’s care. In truth, the veterinarian had called me with a question, but they jumped to this assumption regarding my intentions on their own. When I indicated that I was trying to find them a K9 PT facility because I knew they were both busy, this angered them even further, and I was told that my help was neither needed nor wanted. I was clearly being held at arm’s length and clearly being told to mind my own business.

The puppies were delivered by Crystal and Rylan from Arizona to California two days later, where they met both Camilla and Kimberly to give them their puppies. All communication from Rylan stopped several hours before she got to Kimberly’s house; I never received a text or call stating that the puppies had arrived, and only found out when Camilla texted me letting me know she had blue. I didn’t know Kimberly had gotten her puppy until the next day, when Camilla told me she had, and the unsealed envelope that contained her documents did not contain an AKC registration. As it turns out, Kimberley had been given the papers by Rylan, had removed Blue’s AKC certificate, and Rylan had given Camilla an unsealed envelope, after she had promised us that the papers would go to the owners directly. This is a litter that neither Rylan nor Kimberly raised, fought for, provided medical care and therapy to, and neither had any business doing this. Despite repeated attempts to contact her, Rylan stopped communicating with me for almost 24 hours, until the following text exchange took place:

So you can see that despite her promises to us, Rylan did hand over the documents to Kimberly, who took it upon herself to remove Blue’s papers. Her reaction to my pointing these things out is almost child-like. I still have no idea why I’ve received the shutout, the lies, the silent treatment, or why my litter is being interfered with. There’s no doubt that Kimberly, Crystal, and Rylan have been planning all this since before Rylan left for Maine. When I asked Rylan repeatedly what I had done to get this treatment, she had no reply to give me. None. When I think of the amount of things I have sent them, including splitting the cost of a rifle with Crystal last Christmas that Rylan’s wanted for years, I’m left wondering where exactly I went wrong. Did I badly misjudge some very, very broken people? Did I get conned? What the hell just happened?

What's more, it was Rylan, when she was here in Maine, who contacted Camilla and set up Blue's fostering. Rylan then turns around and dos this to Camilla and Blue? How does one do that and sleep at night?

What I find particularly striking is that these two groups of people are breeders would be completely outraged and upset if the same thing had been done to them. I'm finding as I write this that this has been so emotionally devastating I have not been able to function normally. All of this happening in the last several days, following the crisis of the last six weeks, has made me physically sick. My plethora of autoimmune issues are going nuts. Patrice and I feel that these puppies were somehow stolen from us; we feel violated, enraged, depressed, and utterly devoid of any desire to have anything to do with anyone ever again.

Just to add to the irony, I think of the countless discussions Rylan and I had about how two faced and screwed up people were, and, surprise, she’s doing exactly what we’ve spent years remarking about. Seriously: When someone gives you a puppy recovering from illness, and the breeder and does everything they can to help, the reaction I expected from people I thought were close friends was “thank you”, not “fuck off”. I never thought giving people puppies could make enemies out of them, but I guess one really is never too old to learn something new.

See how, in all of this, the puppies came last? Do you understand the total disregard shown for Blue and his future by Rylan, Crystal, and Kimberly? Do you see this? These people were there the whole way and saw the whole process, from the onset of signs that something was very wrong to the last puppy getting better. They were cheering for the puppies. After everything we went through to get them healthy, Kimberly and Grey Wolfe pull this? She has now made it impossible for Blue to get registered, compete, or get titled and this makes him less adoptable. And Rylan whines at me that she "doesn't want to get caught in the middle" when she played a key part in all of this. And I have, for reasons I will never know or understand, have become their enemy.

TPO is now down to just fifteen of us. Kimberly, Crystal, and Rylan, who were in many ways central to TPO, have been banned. We have gone from being what I assumed were close friends to not speaking; perhaps it was all an act on their part. I think we can safely discount any possibility of ever getting updates about either Ash or Katy, and I’m wondering now what the next surprise will be from Kimberly and/or Grey Wolfe. I can guarantee that they will be spending a great deal of time and effort to discredit WWK even further, and frankly, I worry about the two puppies because of their new owners' attitudes and recent behavior. Thinking you know more than any vet is invariably dangerous to the dog or pet; I've seen it happen countless times and the results are never good. Time will tell what the next blip of idiocy will be, but the feeling of having been violated is profound. Patrice and I had envisioned a shared online celebration with photos and videos of the puppies that was to last for months as the puppies healed and grew; we had not expected this hostility and ostracization for reasons completely not understood.

I had name tags made for every puppy to go on their vests the same way TPO wears theirs; some tags arrived late. Two will never be worn. This photo says it all.


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