Amazing Ava, Again

Having Ava is having a dog that continually surprises and delights me every single day. We just finished a training session, and she tore up half of the agility course without any error in about 10 seconds. She did the teeter perfectly and I could see her work out in her mind where the balance was. She descended very very slowly and calmly walked off.

Ozzy did very well as well but considering all the scent wafting around the house these days I don’t push him very hard.

The girls are taking it easy. No activity for Kiki and Bayla is not thrilled about obedience so that does it for today.

Both Ozzy and Ava also practice tricks in our obedience routine before every agility session and they did both perfectly. Patrice has agreed to film us tomorrow so I hope to have a clip up tomorrow night.


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