Another Day, Another Gift...

The thunderstorms that were supposed to hit us the last several days never fully materialized, and we took advantage of the break to spend 1.5 hours in the pool today.

For the first time Bayla, who is naturally reluctant and has to be coaxed in, swam on her own; Kiki competed with everyone; Tuli continued to get stronger and swim further, and Ozzy and Ava were fearless and unstoppable.

Today Ava did her usual raft-hopping as if she’d been doing it all her life; Ozzy now happily jumps in and rides, and the two kids even shared one:

Kiki and Bayla both went in the raft for the first time – neither was thrilled. Fortunately, Kiki’s inextinguishable drive to compete with everyone is going to overcome her reluctance at being made to stand on what basically feels like a huge bowl of Jello. Bayla, on the other hand, may get to like it or suddenly decide I’m trying to kill her in a whole brand new way.

The microfiber wearable dog towels which resemble bathrobes are now officially part of the after-pool routine. They really work well but that's not really the point....

Dinner: Baked chicken thighs. This was such a hit no one came up for air.

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