Away I Go

I will be away starting tomorrow for about five days. Tomorrow afternoon I drive to Portland, stay overnight, get up to catch a 6AM flight to Chicago. Check in, go see our Chicago attorney for an all afternoon prep session. The following day I have a 12 hour deposition being given by the opposition's counsel; the lawsuit that is involved is one we filed, and which now has estimated damages in excess of 30 million dollars, and some of the opposition may face criminal charges, disbarment, termination of careers, etc. if we win the case. Needless to say, the opposition is desperate and things are going to get seriously personal, unpleasant, and nasty, and the best part is that I have to maintain a calm and polite demeanor throughout. It'll be just like being back in vet school. When it's over it's back to the hotel, try to de-stress, leave the following day for Portland, drive two hours, and get home sometime between 8pm and 10pm if we don't get a storm or something. This means four days without the dogs; I haven't been away from all of them at once for more than a few hours until now. In some ways that's the part I dread the most.

In other words, this is going to suck, and I mean S-U-C-K, and I will not be posting again until Friday or so, although I'll try to stop in while I'm away to see what, if anything, you are up to. If there's a news-worthy disaster and I get some snaps, I will certainly post them, but probably not otherwise. You know you can and should treat this blog as your own. If you have anything you want to share with our little group, you should. For those of you still having trouble posting, look under "Blog Help" in the menu. See you all around December 20th. -mn

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