Banks Are For Commoners

Ava accompanied me to the bank today; apparently this branch is staffed with dog lovers so the bank is very dog friendly. Ava is not, however, crazy about people (I wonder where she gets that from). She wasn't unfriendly, just stared at everyone with an equal mix of contempt and disdain without moving, or trying to shift so that I was between her and whatever peasant was trying to touch her. "Vy ist dis idjiot touching my royal self?" she would ask me through clenched teeth. "Good girl!" I would reply, while the unfortunate person petting Ava is having no idea this exchange was taking place between us. Next bank trip Ozzy will come along. He likes people better than Ava, and he doesn't own any jewelry. Such is life when you live with a Princess. It's not always easy.

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