Bedroom Kennels and Other Marvels

Patrice and I bought several whelping boxes; one upstairs with an add-on and one downstairs without. Patrice redesigned the whelping boxes to fit together and made a huge grommeted undercloth, 6 by 12 feet, of waterproof canvas, and today we spent most of the day recombining these into separate kennels so the puppies can't play and hurt themselves and each other. As of tonight, this is what our bedroom looks like:

There's also a video:

Link to video: https://vimeo.com/393816055

Video password: puppy_wwk

More hydrotherapy today. Sessions ran between 4 to 10 minutes depending on the puppy. More improvements. Their strength is improving -- dramatically. Blue actually ran in a circle; Neo is almost walking normally; Mini stood up -- briefly -- but she stood up; 12 days ago she was immobile and screaming in pain and had to be hospitalized. Lani and Tali are improving daily. Ash is getting his big butt up more often, but still can't support his own weight on the back end which topped 7.2Kg (15.8 pounds) yesterday. Progress. Good and steady progress.

Tomorrow each puppy gets individually radiographed and gets blood tests to look for anomalies. The reports should be in 24 hours after that. I will post as the news comes in.