The best news I've gotten in a while was seeing Kiki start to put weight on that left rear leg today:

It was starting to feel like it would never happen, but the dog walk got finished today and is in the field, just need more hardware to get it attached to the stands. No photo of it all set up yet, but here it is before we moved it into the field. There are about 4 coats of paint on it so it should be fine sitting outside now.

The boards here are upside down for the hinges to be attached. The red pipe is a hinge protector for when this gets stored off season so the hinges don't get crushed and deformed.

I'm waiting on lead shot and bars to arrive next week so I can finish all the jumps. Once those are done, the dogs can start learning to use everything. I still need to make a pause table, and then the agility setup is totally done. It's a weird feeling crossing off a bucket list item, but good. The ultimate, of course, would be an indoor, sand-floor, year round course. I saw one once in Michigan when I visited with Pat Morgan when Hogan was a puppy. It was privately owned and absolutely spectacular, but the idea of being able to work the dogs year round is just WOW.

The teeter is completely done and I got it out in the field today. The balance is perfect, 2 inches off center, and it returns slowly and gently to rest in a tilt. I followed the instructions from Affordable Agility, and I'm thinking of doing a section here on the site on building your own props but in detail. DIY is about 1/4 the cost of retail and is not that hard to do.

The porch deck is done; there's still stonework to finish and some wood details; we're waiting until Spring for the railings:

Ava and Bayla obviously approve.

There's now a band of granite wrapping all the way around the house. Landscaper's idea; we love it.

Busy day, got a lot done. Hope your day was also good, and as always thanks for reading.