Catching Up

Today was the first day I approached anything close to normal and was able to get more done than I had in a long time. It was like being let out of prison. I'll duplicate what I posted on FB with some more detail: Tuli had not been doing well in the last few weeks. Coughing, retching, and regurgitation were all getting worse, and the last few days have seen her slammed with severe colitis. We went to the vet today (who I am beginning to trust, HUGE milestone for me) and he pulled out yet another treatment: Trazodone, which is a serotonin antagonist and reuptake inhibitor, and in an hour she went from nervous and frantic (which sets off her "attacks" and makes her more nervous and frantic) to bloodhound-quiet. For Tuli, who has always been a high-strung, panicky Terv, this is a blessing.

Bayla came along to get her Lyme vaccine. Up here, not doing this is like walking around Beirut without Kevlar.

Ozzy just turned two so he is due for his OFA radiographs next week. I know his parents' hips and I'm not the least bit concerned. We are checking elbows, too.

The pack played outside a few times today and went for a very long run.