Crisis and Resolution

Woke up today to find Bayla has just started protestrous. She is six and has had irregular cycles, and under normal circumstances I would breed her to Ozzy. With everything that's been going on, with fake AKC buyer messages and not knowing how many dogs we will wind up with, and with the unending harassment on FB now extending out from the site, we have decided not to breed her. I am not highly confident that we are going to sell all of the puppies we have, and the buyers of Light Blue boy have stopped responding to my emails. It's been four days.

I got this message last night from Jordan Philpott. Anyone who sends a message like this is clearly off their rocker: It clearly contains a veiled threat.

So that's it. I seem to have greatly upset Kimberly with my FB post by putting her in the spotlight. I'll continue to run WWK, VetRef, and TPO. I'll try to get some titles on the dogs, and I'll see how it goes from here. I think I can safely assume my name is being dragged through the mud as I type this, and this is not going to help sales... which is the whole point, right? I've deleted the post and I've closed my FB page. I'm deleting messenger. Again. This time, for good. I've reached the last straw phase. There is shit you can let slide, and shit you can't. This endless barrage of messages from people who seem to have issues with sociopathic behavior is too much for me to deal with, and I will see how this litter sale goes before making any further decisions in regards to continuing breeding. I was going to do the annual pack photo for new years; one photo for every holiday. I'm just not in the frame of mind to do it. I'm also taking a break from posting here except for puppy updates on WWK. Have a good new year. -mn