Day 6

More Enya, a romp in the woods, thankfully no encounters with savage spaniels. The dogs LOVE the woods, there is so much to explore and it's full of new smells all the time, some of them truly (to us) disgusting, which means (to them) irresistibly interesting.Temps went up today to above 45, so everything is wet, foggy, damp, and melting. It was a nice break from the Arctic Blast we've been having. The pups are thriving and gaining, without exception, with Blue and Yellow starting to blow up like blimps. They are now starting to try to walk (which is the Best Show on Earth) , so tomorrow I plan on some close-up videos and snaps with decent lighting:

Kiki, patient as ever. I adore this girl; she has all the qualities I look for in people and find so infrequently: She's smart, intuitive, friendly, devoted, loyal, and beautiful. How many people do you know fit that bill?

Here's a shot of all the butterballs doing what they do best: Snoozing and growing.

I find one of the things I am looking forward to the most is placing them in their new homes and the tears of joy that will follow; I have personally never gotten a new puppy and had a dry eye. This is what matters in life, and I was thinking today that to some people, "it's just a dog". To me, I am honored to have been given the privilege of living my life with these dogs and with creating new life to leave in my wake. I am honored to have the joy of making other people's lives better through these beautiful and magnificent beings. Some might say "blessed".


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