Dunk Da Puppers

Today was yet another day is centered around hydrotherapy with even more improvement across-the-board. Mini is starting to stand up intermittently which is how everybody started out when they were healing from the immediate crisis. Like I posted last night (or early this morning) I now see everybody recovering the point of having normal lives.

Ozzy (L) and Ava (R)

Tali and Mini go to see the orthopedic specialist tomorrow early afternoon. I will update regarding the results of that visit. I’ve done several orthopedic internships and my experience is that there is literally nothing that cannot be fixed.

Making sure the towels stay safe.

The adults didn’t get much attention today but they did stand guard over the puppies and supervised the Lang out of the small mountain of towels we use every day.

The pups after hydro today: Wiped out. It won't last.

Every hydro session is harder and longer than the last; I'm starting to really push them. Today Ash went for 20 minutes, everyone did 10, and Mini did 8, and for the first time walked continuously in the tub.

Tonight I finish the set up for the treadmill, and tomorrow or the next day at the latest we start the second set of therapies. We are gaining ground and we are gaining it quickly.