Exiled from Facebook

I assume this is because of what I posted, but I woke up this morning to find my Facebook account closed and shut down. I am locked out of my own account without notice. Facebook wasted no time in closing me out without any warning whatsoever. It’s strange to be locked out of Facebook because it creates a strange feeling of isolation. Logging into Facebook was part of my morning routine, but one can’t argue with the fact that Facebook is extremely high handed and arrogant in the way it deals with its members. At this point my opening another Facebook account would be pointless.

Everybody who signed up should now be able to post whatever they like and comment, and so on, so please feel free to post whenever and whatever you like.

I can’t tell everybody how grateful I am that you rushed over to sign up for this site, but one has to admit that it’s much more quiet. Regardless I am very grateful to have my friends here and I am very grateful to have such kind and compassionate friends. Thank you all.