Facebook Ad Results for Vetref

The first of three ads has been running for one week on Facebook, and the results are, well....dismal.

Ad # 1: Boosted Post

Ad #1 you've all seen before. It's direct, to the point, unambiguous, bold, and simple. Right? It's intended to evoke a "WTF" response in any concerned owner, because of COURSE we all want to save a dog's life if we can, especially one of our own. At least, that's the assumption. This is the reality vs. the assumption; these are the first week's results for this ad on Facebook:

This amounts to a "return" of less than 1% with an engagement of about 10%. As numbers go in advertising, these are pretty dismal.

Ad #2, this post, has been running for five days:

The return surprises me, because out of all the ads this one is the longest, wordiest, and requires the most attention span and focus out of all three. The third ad, the video, just started running:

We'll see how it goes, but this does look to be potentially more promising. If that turns out to be the case, it may just wind up being an issue in a population of people that are totally overwhelmed by media constantly trying to get their attention. The part I don't get is this: Two messages are ABUNDANTLY clear:

  • Can save your dog's life

  • It's free

Apparently this is not as appealing to the vast majority of people who are being reached by these ads as I assumed it would be. The membership got an initial boost which tapered off quickly, and this was due, I believe, mostly to FB friends who has shared the posts I'd asked them to. (Thank you all, by the way.) The membership is at 165 as of today. So, weird, right? Apparently "free" doesn't get the attention it used to, and/or I'm creating shitty ads, and/or... here's the part I wonder about ... most people don't care enough about their dogs to bother reading. Beats the hell out of me. Any ideas or interpretations? -mn

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