First Winter's Run

We had a little snow today, and the temperature has fallen below 35F for several days, so I can assume the ticks to be inactive. The pack went for its first field run in the snow this year, and they remembered exactly where the Belgian Racetrack is. They are, unlike their parents, totally ready for winter.

Literally screaming for me to open the gate.

Patrice wore her "please don't shoot us" winter/easter coat.

Off they go while Bayla thinks about it.

Bayla checking out something above.

Kiki (L) and Bayla (R), both in great shape after a summer of activity.

Tuli checking out the rock pile. I wonder what small, rabid sharp toothed critter she's taunting.

They look satisfied!

Kiki absolutely, positively cannot pass up a good roll. Ever.

Tuli, despite her larpar, is holding her own.