Kiki May Finally Get Her MRI

An apology!

Hello Dr. Nelson,

First I want to sincerely apologize for the experience you had with our Manchester facility yesterday. Things can be chaotic at times, however that is NEVER an excuse for the poor customer service that you received. That simply shouldn't happen and I assure you that we are making immediate changes (up to and including termination of employees involved) to ensure this never happens again.

I understand that you are seeking imaging else where, and certainly cannot dispute that decision. However, we would still like to offer to remedy this situation by providing a free MRI and services rendered if you be willing to visit us again. I have cc'd our Medical Director and Neurologist, Dr. Heather Jones, since she can help us to facilitate scheduling should you chose to accept this offer of sincerest apologies.

I thank you for taking the time to bring this situation to our attention so that we may correct this completely unacceptable mistake and welcome further discussion. I wish you and Kiki the best.


Beth VanHoose General Manager Veterinary Critical Care, PLLC.