Listed, and Listing

The remaining one boy and two girls from the Miracle Litter have been listed. Fingers crossed; my greatest fear is never finding a buyer or never getting real calls; I've already received two phony requests on Facebook. Let's face it, if this goes the way the Majestic Belgian Patch Company did on Facebook I'm going to have a lot of dogs.

The listing reads: "AKC BELGIAN TERVUREN PUPPIES FROM FOUNDATION STOCK!! Delivered December 3 2019, these puppies were conceived by surgical AI from semen frozen 20 years ago. Four out of seven have already been reserved prior to this ad going up. Sire and Dam are both from championship lines, all health clearances passed and posted on our website. Price is for limited registration only except for international buyers. These are exceptional puppies with exceptional temperaments and will meet a wide variety of needs and lifestyles. Please contact us ONLY if a dog is a central member of your family and a central focus of your life. Previous Tervuren ownership is a plus but not required for the right owner. All information is posted at: www.whitewhiskerkennels.com"

Under the about me I repeated what is on the WWK website: "" I'm a retired veterinarian who has owned dogs for over 30 years and Belgian Tervuren (and more recently, Groenendael) for over 20 years. The transition from veterinarian to breeder was a natural one for me, because I originally became a veterinarian because of dogs. Having both a combination of veterinary medicine, genetics, and veterinary nutritional backgrounds and a profound love for these magnificent dogs enables me to breed and raise beautiful, healthy Belgians.

I have personally had some absolutely horrible experiences over the years when trying to buy a Belgian. Know that here you will never be disrespected, insulted, spoken down to, infantilized, or have your desire for a dog used as a weapon against you. You will not be forced to spay or neuter your dog, nor have to fill out a multi-page questionnaire only to be refused, nor will you have to sign an unreasonable contract that demands you give up your rights to your dog.

That's not who we are, and that's not what we do. " So, fingers crossed. I'm sick to my stomach with worry and fully expecting phony inquiries from other breeders and their pals looking for something to snipe about, or having been blacklisted by the ABTC (which I'm pretty sure has already happened).This is the actual listing: https://marketplace.akc.org/breeder/mico-nelson-dvm-89027/belgian-tervuren/210217 -mn

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