Mini, Progress, and Plans

Mini's progress is important not just for her sake, but for the entire litter's because she is what epidemiologists call the "sentinel" patient because she was the first, and thus the worst, affected. She is improving steadily. Absolutely no pain today, and she is now able to shift herself around comfortably, something that was not evident 24 hours ago.

Everyone is continuing to improve steadily and as expected. Things are going very well and everyone is firmly on the road to recovery. I see daily changes in everyone.

The adults are dues for some vaccinations next Monday. At that time the veterinarian and I will formulate a plan to have the puppies radiographed at regular intervals so that we can judge their progress not only by how they appear and act, but by measuring and monitoring bone appearance and thickness. This will give us a much firmer idea about when we can expect them to start going home, so I will have much more specific predictions for you when we start the series of images. Someone always asks if the radiation will be in any way harmful to them; the answer is a firm and solid "no". This process will allow us to accurately gauge the rate and extent of healing.

The original veterinarian who could have averted this entire situation with the original radiograph of mini is now in my attorney's crosshairs. When the records were requested from his office by the new vet I am seeing now this radiograph was conveniently omitted. The new vet's office has specifically requested this image; we'll see what happens. Prior experience has shown that writing the veterinary board is a waste of time. Once I get my hands on this image I will send it into a radiologist for evaluation, and we will decide on a course of action to take against him from there.

We were woken up last night by barking and screaming. There was no pain and nothing had happened; Mari decided that 3:02AM was an appropriate time to start yelling at us for attention. I would pick the most obnoxious puppy in the litter.