Mushing 101: Day 1

After all of this morning' toxic drama was concluded and the leaks in vetref plugged, the dogs tried on their custom made sledding harnesses. My inexperience led me to believe that the fit was incorrect; after speaking with the maker I understood the problem and we started training.

An an unbeliever in coincidences my attorney told me a few days ago that her boss was a hard-core musher who recently gave it up because some moron decided to go snowmobiling drunk and put him in the hospital. Despite this, he's given me advice on how to train and is dropping off a sled for me to try/buy next week. We started with a 20 minute run with harnesses on:

I found some blood in the snow and had them all walk through fresh snow so I could check who it was. Nothing.

We went back to the back yard which is fenced in, hooked them up to a small plastic sled with 8 pounds in it, and started getting them used to the idea of pulling. Ozzy went first and he was very worried about why this thing was following him.

Ava was next, and she had a hissy fit, first sitting, then flipping 360 degrees, then glaring. After a few minutes she gave in and started pulling. Kiki was her usual self and dropped her shoulders and pulled while looking worried. Bashful Bayla surprised me again as she did in agility and was an absolute tractor.

All in all, the first day went well, but I can see we have a way to go. Since Bayla and Kiki have no problem with being followed, I think that having Ava and Ozzy as lead dogs will work out well. -mn

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