Mushing and Bitching

Apparently the missing poster I did a few days ago worked, because overnight we got 4 inches of the white stuff (thank you Earth Goddess) and the minute I was done clearing the driveway, which took all of 45 minutes (thank you Kubota), we were out the door for a pre-mush-let's-see-if-we-can-get-Ozzy-to-stop-vibrating-first run. I was a little surprised because the dogs were running with a level of speed and power I had never seen before. At first I thought it might be the new snow and the traction it gave but following a thigh check it would appear that the TPO Mushing Team have all developed thighs that make Arnold Schwarzenegger's thighs look like tofu. There's the argument for doing this; no other activity we've done has gotten these results, not even swimming. You know those threshold moments when your dog suddenly gets it and the Belgian light goes on? That was the last mush training (posted) and I was lucky enough to get it on video. Today it was clear that that training threshold has been completely crossed and that the training was setting in.

For the first time at the start of training Kiki and Bayla worked consistently as a team. You can see in the clip above how smoothly they're trotting along, how they don't fight the lines, and how they stay next to each other. This run went for about 300 yards with me starting ahead, moving to the side, and then finally winding up in back of them. This is exactly what I want to have happen. Perfect. The long line is clipped to their collars and is more to prevent them from taking off.

Ozzy is finally getting used to the sled. He occasionally looks back but has stopped walking backwards; clearly he just needed repetitive experiences to understand that the sled was not a threat to his studhood. Usually the troublemaker, Ozzy today was a perfect gentleman. The Petulant Princess, however, was being a snotty little bitch and decided to snap at Ozzy repeatedly when she started getting frustrated, and at that point we stopped, but only after having done 100 yards. They're called BITCHES for a reason. Right?

We got home and all 4 dogs collapsed. draped over beds and furniture, passed out cold. This may be the best exercise routine I've found so far. We are definitely making progress.