The licensing board's procedure here is to pass on my complaint to the vet, let them reply, and then I have to respond within a week or two.

Dr Rubin, the vet against whom I filed the complaint, has responded, and he's lied through his teeth. In his response he repeatedly refers to me as "Mr." Nelson, which was obviously intended to be insulting. Interestingly, the clinic also sent a copy of the surveillance video to prove that no "argument" with the second vet who followed me into the parking lot took place and thus somehow prove that I am lying about everything. What they failed to realize is that the video does indeed show vet #2 following me outside, so they've basically proven my argument.

The vet business is like any other human endeavor: With some notable individual exceptions, it is self-serving, corrupt, and basically divorced from what are supposed to be its guiding principles. Instead of protecting the public from bad vets, the real and unstated mission of most vet and med boards is to protect its members from the public. I don't really expect anything to come of this, but in any case I'll post their decision when I receive it.