New Agility Prop

I had an idea for a new prop.

It's set up like a jump, but has a blank 3x5 foot flag hanging from a crossbar horizontally; the idea is to get the dog to scoot under the flag. The crossbar slides up and down for adjusting so that a nervous or insecure dog can start out with a gap between the ground and the bottom of the flag which can gradually be closed.

I thought this might be a gentle way to get them used to the idea of the collapsed tunnel (chute).

The blank flags come in all different colors and are weatherproof and about 5 bucks each on Amazon so they're an inexpensive way to make big agility props, especially jump wings and "shutzhund jumps". This isn't a standard or regulation prop but I think it might be useful for training and would have to have a unique command, like "under". What's your take on this idea?