Next Time, Fake It

Lately I noticed things at MeWe had gotten very quiet. The message kind of hit home 24 hours after I posted the latest news about our planned Hogan litter and saw that just three people had read the post. Yup. Three. The single most important breeding event in TPO's three year history, and an announcement of an AI that goes directly to American Tervuren founding stock of 20 years ago. TWENTY. IF this breeding succeeds, this will going back in time genetically by two decades. If that's not important to the breed, somebody, please, clue me in as to what is, ok? THREE people read it.. Awesome.

Following that I logged into Facebook for the first time in months and found all the people who hadn’t been the TPO MeWe page in over a week... or two....or three. Everyone. Some of them were even online. I know, hiking that index finger to click on something can be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HARD, right? How was it? It was like this:

It was kind of like being dead and being able to look back at the world at the people you knew and realizing none of them really gave a shit if you were dead. It was awesome. Really.

Regardless, consider the message received and understood. Have a nice day.