Of Belgians, Perfect Weather, and PVC

[For those of you who wanted more pack photos, this post is for you. You may want to grab some popcorn and a beverage before you commit to this particular carpal tunnel-inducing scroll fest. There were a lot of photos today.]

This was one of those perfect days Robert A. Heinlein once wrote about, with all things converging to form perfect early Fall weather before the chill arrives.

The numbers don't lie; it really was perfect.

It was a very productive day for moi, who was able to finish some more agility props, and a very good day for the pack, who got to stay outside most of the day, cavorting, capering, gamboling, and frolicking. (You will never hear those four words used together in a sentence ever again, so hang on to this moment. Treasure it.)

Our basement opens directly into the backyard, and so the dogs were alternating between playing outside and coming in to visit. We have stairs that go from the back door on the main floor down to the basement, and for four years Kiki has absolutely refused to use them. No idea why. Ava, also, has refused to use them since she's been here, so today was a small victory in that the two of them finally got over their phobia or whatever it was and everybody was suddenly flowing into and out of the basement between upstairs and downstairs, back and forth, they have expanded their empire and it's now become a game since they have suddenly discovered that the back door -> basement stairs -> basement -> basement doors -> back yard -> back door basically form a giant circle and who here doesn't know how much Belgians love circles? Circles have no end so are therefore magical in the eyes of a Belgian. Circles can be run endlessly. Circles are the very essence of herding, which is woven into Belgian DNA.

Bayla & Ozzy

Now that the Great Wall of Basement, or whatever invisible barrier that was standing there seems to have vanished, one will never know what all that was about as is sometimes the Way of the Belgian.

I had gotten a green and white panel jump for agility last year from some people who live half an hour from me who have a farm, and the husband makes agility equipment in his spare time. (This was the first time I've ever heard of anyone having both a farm and spare time.)

Single panel jump, photobombed by Ozzy.

Apart from weighting the legs with sand, lead ingots, and lead shot, it needed more: It's become obvious to me very quickly that any jump made of two seperate and unconnected pieces does not work well outdoors; in a perfectly level, sand-covered arena, I'll bet it does just fine. But real ground is never even, the uprights are always crooked and off from each other, the jump bars never stay on, and so the obvious move is to connect the two halves, which I did. This way the panels stay in alignment with each other so the jump bars are less likely to spontaneously fall off each time a cloud drifts gently by overhead or a squirrel runs across the yard.

Same jump changed to single piece jump.

During the whole time I was working the dogs would stop in to check on the progress.

Ozzy would bring me the ball and give me THE LOOK.

Tuli just wandered around happily, and I caught her looking in this time:

Then she'd wander into the basement...

And in no time there was a steady stream of traffic...

Ava charging in to give me the ball...again..

A rare Belgian Convergence.

At one point I noticed Tuli practicing her Feng Shui:

I looked out and noticed Ava sitting in her yacht by the pool house. She seemed lost in thought. She misses the pool.

I managed to get all this done before I ran out of supplies again. Who knew 50 pounds of lead shot would go so quickly?

Ozzy decides it's time for some ball...

And then, siesta before dinner...

Thanks for reading.

This is the 100th blog post.