Only “Grey” Days Ahead

With every great adventure it often takes one leap forward to begin that journey. It could be said of oh I don’t know...posting your very first Blog or getting your very first Belgian.

I know we are kindred spirits in that our love for that special boy or girl brings us together here on this site. Where you on the other end of this communication with your beloved fluffy pup sit with that cup of coffee seeking a connection, a smile and an escape. See we are kindred spirits after all!

So that brings me to “Grey” days.. because you see for me it is my beloved Greyson that has started me on this journey of Belgian Insanity. I know there is no cure, nor do I desire it. For me, my best days are “Grey“ days. Days I spend just hanging out with my best guy. Maybe it’s a day of just making that coffee run and doing errands he can go on. It maybe going to a wide open space where he has a job to do... to “protect“ me and show me in his own special way that this is the way you want to walk down this trail.

Whatever the day and in whatever the way all my best days are ”Grey” days.

Tilt your head sideways and it’s... Greyson!

So now that you’ve seen my boy it’s time for you to show me/us your “Grey” days partner in crime. Don’t be shy and I think we could really care less if it’s a sideways, upside down or blurry pic. No judgment zone here. Just post so we can all enjoy!