Pandemic Puppy Socialization

My favorite puppy trainer sent me these links after she'd been forced to cancel all puppy classes. For those of us in this awkward socializing/pandemic situation, some of these ideas may help:

Puppy Socialization in the Age of Coronavirus

Socializing Puppies During The Coronavirus Pandemic

The bottom line is: Get as creative as possible to create novel situations, and thus build self-confidence in the puppy, and do it all in the absence of populated environments and settings. After reading this I took Mari for her first car ride; tomorrow Tali and Mari go together. The articles also point out that puppies are people magnets, not an ideal quality to have where social distancing is key right now, so if you take your puppy anywhere make sure your Tazer or stun gun is fully charged before leaving the house. It doesn't matter if they love puppies, light 'em up if they get too close. These are dangerous times, baby.

If anyone finds any other useful links, please go ahead and post them in the blog.


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