Posting in the Blog

Everyone is welcome to post in the blog as they feel like it. From my perspective this is a really good thing, because it gives our three active members more variation and material. If we ever get fourth member we'll have plenty to keep them busy. Everyone is welcome to invite whoever they want to this site unless the person invited appears on my blocked list, which is available in the menu under "more". (At TPO, blocking is forever.) If you have people who'd be interested in reading your blog posts, by all means invite them. If you do post in the blog, I'm asking that you put in the author info and select one or more categories for each post; this makes finding anything much easier. This is how to do that:

Step 1

At the bottom right of the blog entry screen you'll see three dots. Move the cursor over them and a popup menu appears. Choose "Post Settings".

Step 2

The next window that appears has three tabs. Under "General" put in your name. This should be entered the same way each time, like "GWB", or "LindaK".

Step 3

Choose the "Category" tab and select "TPO member post and any other categories you think are relevant to your post. Click "save". You're done.