Puppy Update

Since Mari was having no signs, I put on her harness and carried her outside so she could see the dogs run and get an idea that there is an outdoors. As soon as I brought her inside and set her down, she started limping. Now it's unanimous, and she has been hit 23 days post vaccination. Yay. Now my day is complete. Awesome. My best hope is that like Tali, she does not progress further.

The other puppies are either improving or unchanged. Ash and Light Blue are getting increasingly rambunctious; Tali is weight bearing, but limps. So far no progression to the pain stage of this thing. Lani is lso weight bearing, but weak. Mini is unchanged. Neo is depressed and not very active. Everyone got hydrotherapy today except Neo because of his pain levels, which seem to be slightly less today. I think. Despite being non ambulatory the puppies are being kept as clean as we can possibly manage. Appetites are excellent.

Next week Ash and Mini go to the neurologist. We will be doing a joint tap and an MRI. Once she has all the data she will be conferring with a few colleagues in other disciplines. This is the strangest vaccine reaction anyone has heard of, which requires complete testing for all possible causes of this....thing. If these tests come up negative or inconclusive we go find an immunologist/small animal internal medicine specialist.