Puppy Update

The response to treatment is all positive:

Blue boy stood on his own for the first time. Ash is totally out of pain. Lani is walking. Mari's limp is gone. Tali is improving. Absolutely no one at home is in pain. We should now expect to see rapid improvements. I am not hoping, I am certain. It will now just be a matter of recovery time. I expect to see puppies walking soon and then progressing normally from there. Mini is unchanged, but I have just communicated her treatment to the attending vet and her treatment in hospital has just begun and I expect and hope to see rapid improvements with her as well in the next 48 hours.

I have to extend a very special thank you to my friend, classmate, and colleague, Jason Olech DVM, who has been absolutely invaluable in the diagnosis and treatment of The Miracle litter, who seems intent on living up to their name. Jason, thank you for having a bigger and better oiled brain than mine and for being there. Sorry I'm embarrassing you with this post buddy, but you got it coming.

If you have champagne start chilling it, we are officially out of the woods. Now we wait for the puppies to fully recover. Everyone can breathe again. I'm going to take a nap. I will update again tomorrow or sooner.


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