Recipe: Patrice's Irresistible Mutt Loaf

I'd been thinking of posting diets and recipes or a while, so here's the first of what may or may not become a series. This is Patrice's adaptation of a combination of recipes; she's been at this or over 20 years so she has a good grip on how to feed whole food (not raw), which in turn is all based on previous works, notably Richard Pitcairn, DVM, among many notable other vets. We've fed this recipe for about a year and the bowls need to washing and stools are perfect.

This mix is nutritionally-dense, high-protein, low to moderate fat (depending on the quality and type of meat you choose to use), has grain, a small amount of insoluble fiber, vegetables and associated minerals, and egg. It is an excellent dish to make ahead of time, and feed cold or warmed later, since it is nutritionally complete by itself. For dogs who ate a bit off-appetite, many times this mix will motivate eating. Senior dogs and post-surgical dogs will benefit from this mix's slightly higher ion content. It is ridiculously easy to prepare.

10 lbs beef (or meat of choice)

We use grass fed organic beef, 8 lb, and mix with this:

2 lbs liver minced or cut into tiny chunks

4 cups oatmeal, 5 minute oats

I2 eggs (one for each pound of meat)

Small can of tomato paste—I like organic

Veggies, organic, about 4 cups— such as grated carrots, sweet potatoes, or a can of pumpkin

Mix all ingredients together, then press in an even layer into in a large turkey roasting pan.

Cook at 400 for 15 mins then turn temp down to 375 for 1:15.


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