Red Girl: SOLD

That's right, the last remaining puppy of Litter A, Little Red the Peanut, has found her forever home. Oddly, as it turns out, her forever home is just slightly over an hour away, south of us, in Maine. Her new human has been invited to join us here as well.

All puppies of litter A have found their forever homes. They found them with Tomahawk-missile like accuracy and speed, too, and the moment is deeply moving and bittersweet, but I have the peace of knowing that every single puppy has been placed in exactly the best home anyone could hope for. Now new lives have begun to intertwine with some older ones; may that union be as sweet, loving, rich, and full of life as anyone could hope for. "Every puppy goes where it's needed."

Thank you again, friends of TPO, for your constant girder-like support throughout. All of Litter A has now been spoken for.


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