Roberson 911 and Other News

I’ll start with the other news first: for the first time today I felt motivated motivated to truly train all the dogs in a way that we had never done before: I started group obedience, with today’s exercise being everybody stays until one dog is called.

It was pretty successful and watching everybody’s reactions I could tell they loved it. It’s been sorely missing from our lives, although Ozzie and other Ava have been getting almost nightly training sessions in agility and finishes.

Kimberly is getting the puppy who has been known as Little Red the Peanut, Minta, Mini and whose name is now Katy. In three days this little fighter has gone from barely being able to walk to cruising in the tub at high-speed. She still has a ways to go before she is walking normally on land but I have no doubt that she will, in time, get there. For having been the first hit, the hardest hit, the longest hit, and hospitalized to boot she's a fighter.

Yesterday I talked about how Kimberly Roberson had saved us and the puppies before our imminent collapse. More important than that is the fact that these puppies are not living a life that is ideal for a Belgian puppy, and despite their fragility I feel very strongly that they need to start going on to live their lives. In a mere three hours Kimberly not only found the puppies homes but had arranged and paid for the land transportation to their new homes in Florida and California. If this is not the true definition a friendship I would challenge anyone to show me what is.

Mari has just begun her recall and sit training. It has taken her all of one day and two sessions to figure it out, proving that she is indeed her father‘s daughter.

Neo, whose name is now Arlo, is leaving this Saturday. His departure will be particularly bittersweet because we had intended on keeping him, but Patrice and I both feel that he will get more attention and thus a better life where he is going. Prior experience has shown that raising and training two puppies is hardly ideal under any circumstances, but for us in the very depleted state Patrice and I are now in it is impossible. I have no doubt he will be superbly cared for and loved dearly in his new home.

Among the many lessons Patrice and I have learned in this struggle is that puppies do indeed go where they are needed. None of the original buyers save Grey Wolfe remain; it's come to my attention that the owner who recently abandoned Lani and Blue had me absolutely fooled in regards to her devotion for the puppies, and I feel as if they have been rescued by an unseen force and sent to other homes. Tht owner never once even mentioned the puppies in the past four or five days, never commented, never asked questions, never replied in the blog, and the puppis went from "central family members" to nonexistent in the blink of an eye. Perhaps all this did indeed happen for a reason... who knows.

Time will tell, but there is no doubt anymore in my mind that all puppies go to where they are needed.

Katy (Mini)


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