Seig Heil, Facebook

I'm reposting this from Facebook tonight for my own edification; there's no need to comment. Thanks.

Enough is Enough ========= Yesterday I posted a link to video I made on Vimeo called AquaBelgies trailer. Tonight that post was removed by FB because they consider it to be spam and I have apparently violated their community standards. There was no other explanation given.

According to Facebook I can't use the TPO name for this account, and now posting links to my own free to watch videos about my dogs is prohibited. It would seem that FB has decided to harass me off of their site. So be it. You win, Facebook. I'm done fighting an opponent that one can't even contact and who runs a social media site in an arrogant, high handed, and dictatorial manner. Freedom of expression is not allowed, but accounts blatantly belonging to prostitutes soliciting on FB is allowed. (see 3 posts back)

I also realize that it's futile to try and get people to sign up for the TPO website, so... I give up. Apparently my four dogs, Tervuren Pack Ozzy, is perceived to be some sort of threat to and by Facebook. Thank you, everyone for your wonderfully kind words about the dogs.


3:09AM: What's even worse is that I know for a fact that the sheeple will balefully stare at this post on Facebook, become appropriately outraged for 12 seconds, dutifully slap on an angry emoji, and move on. At no point will it occur to anyone out there that this has happened to someone who does not even voice their political opinion. I'm an old guy in Maine with 4 dogs. I don't even express my vehemently pro-second amendment rights on Facebook; so what's the basis of their apparent harassment of me? I will most likely never know. Facebook is doing this because they want to and because they can. The Great Libtard of Socialism which IS Facebook is just getting warmed up. That means that every member is a potential target for censorship, but that won't matter to anyone because it hasn't happened to them. There will be no rally, no unified outrage rightfully directed at Facebook, no great show of support apart from a few posts which serve only to salve the qualms of their authors, and no influx of new people to TPO to show their support. The world runs not on oil, gold, Wall Street, or pornography; it runs on apathy. And we're in no danger of a shortage anytime soon.

It figures this happened now, because for the first time ever Facebook was going very well for us: I was in the process of making several new friends (you know I use thsi word in the real sense) and re-connecting with some old ones who had vanished as well. There were no conflicts, no arguments, TPO and our comments were 100% positive, we stuck to dogs only, quit all our special interest groups, shed our loudly political friends, and the TPO Facebook page just passed 100 likes... and all of it was completely strategic: If there was a litter to announce that carried foundation genes, I wanted everyone to know about it. But only if it happens. It was going very well. Oh, fuck, and oh, well. So this is it for TPO: No more revelling in other dogs and other people’s dog and training successes and victories big and small. Finished. Just a quiet blog with a handful of friends who stubbornly stick to us like glue... and thank the gods for them. I'm done with social media. I’ve already lost more sleep tonight than I should have.