Shot Reactions and Other Diasters

The saga of the Miracle Litter is becoming less miraculous each day: Today Ash (green boy) collapsed in the playpen and started screaming. I ran over, and he was not near any other puppies or obstacles; he was trying to get up and couldn't bear weight on his hind end, just like Mini almost a week ago. I then noticed two other pups were acting in a similar manner with greatly reduced severity. They could bear weight, but were limping on a hind leg. The puppies affected are:

Ash: Most severe Lani: Mild Mini: Mild, resolving

Light blue boy: Moderate Neo: No signs

Mari: No signs Tali: No signs

I rushed Ash to the vet. Bloodwork was completely normal; neurological deficits on both hind limbs. The vet called the vaccine company, and they do have one record of this happening to one single litter, and the vet had a reaction with similar signs several months ago in a cat. In all cases everyone resolved with no permanent signs. If I had to guess, I would say that we are dealing with a focal meningitis which is caused by the vaccine itself and which is steroid responsive. I am positive we are dealing with a vaccine reaction. I am assured it will resolve; all the affected pups are now on medication. However, it does raise the question of a genetic predisposition to what is called a delayed hypersensitivity reaction. Hogan never had any such reaction (that I know of). Kiki never has.

All puppy flights have been rescheduled for one week from Saturday; if any puppy has not fully recovered by then I will not ship them. If I have to eventually drive them to Ohio and Arizona because of weight issues, I will. Conversely, if any buyer of an affected puppy wants out and wants a full refund, I will provide that immediately with no questions. I don't have an answer yet about the second round of shots. Right now I am focused on getting these puppies back to where they should be. I am beside myself with horror, grief, shame, and guilt for having put all of you through this. My most sincere and most profound apologies. If any buyer wants out, please let me know as soon as possible. -mn

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