Tali’s First Snow

We had snow overnight, but it's the kind of slushy, horrible snow that clogs the snowblower. After plowing the driveway with the Argo, we got all six out into the field. Keep in mind the field is about two acres, or 208 feet long on one side. The snow was about two inches deep and Tali was pulling me the whole way. Looking back over the last few days, this is what I see:

Sunday: Went a short way, was carried the rest of the way Monday: Halfway down the field and back a little, then carried

Today, all the way down the field and back all the way.

That's a lot for a puppy who just had surgery one week ago.

There is no question in my mind that she's improving rapidly. The hydrotherapy is supposed to start on Monday, but I just heard from the clinic: Their motor has died and are hoping to have a replacement installed Monday. We'll play it by ear and just go with whatever is thrown at us. Tonight Tali starts on the treadmill in the suspension rig I set up a few weeks ago.


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