Tee Pee Poo

I’m guessing by this point you’re wondering why am posting a picture of poop, and why of all days, I’m posting it on Christmas. First of all I need to clear something up: there is absolutely no connection between the two. The thing about poop is that nobody likes to talk about it. It’s messy it’s disgusting, it smells bad, and let’s face its poop. To me however, poop tells long stories about what’s happening inside the dog or puppy. It is extremely diagnostic, and this is one of the many clinically import things one is never taught in vet school. It’s now been about three days since they started weaning. As you know, the puppies are getting a locally sourced completely organic diet, and Kiki has been eating whole food her entire life. Being a huge proponent of the whole foods diet, this particular poop makes me extremely happy. It’s firm, it’s well shaped, the hydration is appropriate, and the color is correct. You can pick it up and it doesn’t leave a stain. I could go into a long explanation about what all this means, but that would probably just drive off the few of you who remain reading this post. The point is this: the puppies are adapting and adjusting extremely well to their diet, and their intestines are working at peak efficiency. If they weren’t, the poop pictured here would look differently. When I look at this poop in conjunction with a weight gain shown over the last few days since they started feeding, it’s completely apparent to me that this diet is working perfectly. This also is highly suggestive that my theory regarding enhanced immunity through variations in diet in the first eight weeks might be completely correct; if it is, these are going to be some very healthy pups.

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