Teetering On The Verge of Success

The pun is obvious and it's the best I can do after having done this all day.

The slats are on the dog walk; I spaced them at 6 inches instead of the usual 12 because I felt that would give the less secure members of TPO more confidence.

Coats of yellow are finished.

The blue goes on tomorrow.

The teeter base from Affordable Agility came in today, took about two minutes to assemble it.

Bayla wondering how this is going to kill her.

The finished teeter base. Needs a few stainless steel screws and it's done. Very nicely made by Affordable Agility.

After the coats of blue go on tomorrow, they'll be followed by an application of rubberized granules. This is also from Affordable Agility and it's really neat stuff and worth keeping in mind if you ever want to make or modify anything for your pup or pups: http://www.affordableagility.com/pamperedpaws.htm That's it for today. Thanks, as always, for staying interested in TPO. Means a lot. -mn