Thank You

Today was one of those days.

I woke up this morning to find a text message time stamped at 5:40AM from the owner of Blue and Lani stating that she was withdrawing. In a panic, I called Kimberly Roberson, and within several hours she had found homes for all of the puppies now unwanted: Blue, Tali, and Lani. They will be leaving around the end of the month as planned. This makes it unanimous: All of the original buyers (now adopters) except for Grey Wolfe have withdrawn. None are members of TPO any longer and thus cannot reply in this blog. This has been, on top of the puppies' ordeal, an absolute nightmare. It remains to be seen if we will ever breed again and it will likely be months or years before we give this any thought.

This experience has been both wonderful and horrific, beautiful and ugly, and full of both joy and fear. It has been uplifting and devastating, and it is because of friends like Kimberly that we have managed to pull through in one piece and it is because of her that the remaining puppies will have found loving homes. No less important has been the constant outpouring of friendship, support, love, and help from everyone who has followed this two month long harrowing ordeal and who have continually expressed their support.

I wanted to write to say how much we appreciate that support, and how grateful we are to Kimberly for all of her help in rescuing us from what is becoming an increasingly difficult situation to manage. These puppies need to start their lives, and they will get to do that in a few short weeks, starting this Saturday. Kimberly, I am so grateful to have you as my mentor and as one of my closest friends. I am so grateful to all of you for everything you've said and for the support you've shown.

Several friends have chosen to remain completely silent and self-absorbed throughout this entire episode, one of them texting only to say that their dog had won their CGC. They are no longer here with TPO and I wish them well in their endeavors, and especially in their repeated Facebook postings of prefabricated sentiments declaring how important friendship is and what friends should do for each other.


We are exhausted and drained beyond words, physically and mentally, and we are ready for life to get back to normal. Thank you all for your gentle and loving support during this hellish experience; it means more than you know.

The puppies are all continuing to improve daily.

-Mico & Patrice