Despite the many heavy stresses of everything going on at this end, we clearly have much to be thankful for, and I'd bet that all of you would share my sentiments. We are (1) above ground, and (2) live with beautiful, intelligent, and very, very special dogs. We all have that in common.

They are why I get up and breathe every day.

I started the day determined to get the downstairs in order. Patrice and I tend to just pile things around with an "I'll get to it later" mentality, and so between the two of us the house becomes a sort of jumbled and chaotic mess rather quickly. With prospective puppies and hopefully buyers inbound, I decided to get it in gear and straighten everything out, which took several hours. Added a third puppycam and a few more cameras around the house so we can both keep an eye on the dogs during the very infrequent times we are both out of the house at the same time. The dogs amused themselves while I got everything done and cleaned up, while Kiki continued to be increasingly uncomfortable.

Ozzy and Ava play a game I call The Belgian Standoff. The first one to move loses and gets chased, attacked, and mauled by the winner, which is also almost always Ava, who can impersonate a library lion like no one else. Today's match lasted for over an hour. I finally called them both in; today ended in a draw. Bayla was happier being inside with her sister.

It snowed last night, so I decided that Kiki was better off staying behind during today's races. Normally she would whine, scream, and yell her head off in protest at being left behind. Today she didn't make a sound.

Today's races went off without a hitch, although Ozzy kept looking back for Kiki.

Patrice made a mind-blowingly amazing cherry glazed roast duck, and the Queen and Princess kept us company during dinner. (Ozzy and Bayla were off snoozing.) We saved some duck for everybody. It turns out that everyone at TPO liked this as much as, or -- unbelievable as it may seem -- even more than liver.

Hoping your Thanksgiving was equally memorable.


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