The Hole Truth

The Great Hole Alignment Tool didn't quite live up to par, and the uprights (vertical poles) of the Schutzhund jump need to be redone:

Schutzhund jump, waiting for fabric and new uprights.

The alignment of the holes to adjust the jump's height is awful.

The problem is obvious: The jig is drifting from side to side as I make the holes, so I attached two cedar blocks on either side cut to an exact height:

The jig with added blocks of cedar.

The resulting alignment should now work:

The jig and a piece of PVC pipe seen head-on. This should work.

Tomorrow I'll do the curtain scoot prop. This will require them to scoot under a vertically hanging 3x5 foot flag, the height of which is adjustable. The holes to adjust the height will need the jig above.

The next prop waiting to be built: The curtain scoot.

Thanks for reading!