Theft of Materials From VetRef

A new problem is surfacing with vetref: Tonight I found that a now blocked FB friend had copied and re-pasted some material from the site, despite the clear warnings everywhere not to. When I messaged her why she'd done this despite the TOS, she replied "My heart is bigger than my head." Apparently poisoning dogs in Cyprus is a second only to soccer as a form of popular entertainment, and Claire felt she was doing her bit to save the planet. Claire Lamb. a resident of Cyprus (are we seeing a pattern here?), obviously earned herself one of these:

That's not the point of this post; theft is. Following Claire's stunt, yet another of The Entitled, a kid posted the following in the Tumblr thread with the incorrect Heimlich info that's been such a pain in my ass:

Another gift to our species.

He then applied to the site, and I think it's not unreasonable to assume he intended to liberate the materials in VetRef from my greedy and hoop-filled grasp. He also got the gift that lasts forever.

The last two days have been filled with subscription requests; some of the email addresses are obvious fakes, like gfsrgbfjysaufx@gmail.com. Again, one can make reasonable assumptions about intent.

This really has me in a jam; had I not gotten the email from the Hershey-loving dog's owner, this post wouldn't even be a spark in my rapidly glazing eyes. What the hell do I do?


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