The hydrotherapy video I promised is done. The problem is that the internet here is so bad that this 25 minute video has been uploading to Vimeo for 8 hours and it's only 55% uploaded. It will hopefully be done by tomorrow, and I will then post it so you can see the differences between now and 3 weeks ago.

Ozzy, knowing his birthday is approaching and being devilishly handsome.

We managed to get a run today and a car ride to go for more PVC, vaccines, and medications. The puppies are getting their second round of vaccines tomorrow.

TPO, sitting and posing. Note Ava's attitude, which has begun to sour and which gets worse the longer the puppies are here.

The hydro is showing me marked improvements daily now, including Mini, who almost managed to stand today. The cow hocks are starting to resolve, and everyone but Mini is now walking. The trip for PVC today was so I could finish this:

The idea is that this frame straddles the treadmill; the puppy fits into the jacket seen on the floor, which will be suspended in the frame. My thought is to be able to gradually increase the weight on the back legs as they walk, much the same way I gradually lower the water level in the tub each session. This should be finished tomorrow.

This is our bedroom. Patrice and I are working in shifts and we seem to have developed an excellent routine.

Ash. I think he's the best looking puppy in the litter.

Tomorrow we plan to make a video showing you their movement on land. The improvements have been MUCH faster than I anticipated, and now we need one more set of radiographs taken one month after the last set to confirm that healing is indeed underway and to asses how much the bones have thickened. I am anticipating you getting your puppies in about 3-6 weeks. When you get them you will have to continue their care, but we will have very detailed discussions about all that when the time comes.

Tali and Mini are set to see the ortho specialist on Thursday. We will do whatever it takes to get her back to normal and to find her a home; her buyers have withdrawn.

The puppies continue to heal by leaps and bounds, and I think the daily hydrotherapy is a significant factor. I will be asking you to continue that for at least another month after you get your puppy. It's only 10-20 minutes a day and a great opportunity to bond.

Please... just ONE more miracle for Tali's leg, and we're good to go.