Tuli, Bayla, and Ava Get a Pokey

We trucked off to the new vet to get Bayla rabies legal since she was overdue thanks to the previous vet, and the new clinic seems as if it may work out. I'll let you know in a few years' time, although the staff had the level of professionalism that I would expect in any clinic. Floors were spotless, as were the grounds. No odors. All very good signs, but I've learned to temper my enthusiasm regarding finding a vet until some time has passed.

Nice and clean.

His comments regarding Tuli were all positive, saying she's the best larpar dog he's ever seen, meaning her breathing and clinical signs are all very good, so the management plan of cisapride, metacam, serropeptase, honey, and dexamethasone/guafenesin seem to be working well. Even so, she has occasional bad nights of non-stop coughing, retching, and occasional vomiting; last night was one of those.


Everyone's getting that natty look so baths are in everyone's near future.

His comment regarding Ava during her physical:

"Holy cow, she's ripped!"
"If the face wedge doesn't work....."

Ava demonstrating the Belgian Butt Press.

Ava really is solid muscle.

Tuli fazouli shnouts me up; when she wants my attention the snooter goes under my arm and she flips it up... hard. She's a blast at parties when you have a drink in your hand:

My lap is often Princess Ava's throne.

Bayla demonstrating the nervous Tervus.


It rained all day today, so no agility, but I did manage to finish one of the four new red jumps. Three shipments of PVC came in today so I hope to have more obstacles cranked out in the next few days.

Thanks for reading.


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