Uh Oh

Great swim today; Tuli was unstoppable, Ava was tireless and typically fearless, Ozzy was taking huge, sweeping leaps in and being spectacular, Kiki was going out further and further, and Bayla was typically bashful and reluctant. John Parsons noticed that yesterday's photos were blurry and double exposed; they were, and I called GoPro for support, which was surprisingly superb. It turns out it was a software issue at fault and easily fixed. Got some absolutely wonderful shots today. A few were almost really, really good.

Then I managed to lose them all doing something stupid during the transfer to PC.

Hopefully tomorrow will produce a few good snaps that make it all the way to my hard drive. The important thing? Everyone is relaxed, napping, and has bellies full of freshly roasted turkey. The working drive itch as been well scratched today. It's almost Zen-like at TPO tonight. -mn