Valeries' Joy

Some time ago I became friends with Valerie Johnson; we 'met' when I had commented about the doubts I'd had regarding one of her dogs' diagnosis and subsequent treatment on Facebook, interpreted her test results (incorrectly) and helped her find adequate vet care. Tragically, she lost her beautiful Terv, Claire, to gastric carcinoma ... but at the very least beautiful Claire did not suffer.; in these situations this is all we can hope for. We have all experienced one or more losses like this, and we all know that even with time one never gets "over it"; we just learn to live with the void that is love forever unable to be expressed. I lost a 4 year old Terv five years ago to HSA; a life unlived and incomplete is forever haunting and painful, so I know what she felt and feels.

Valerie's Joy. Literally.

Joy has a beautiful long snout, is very long and elegant, and has the same expression Ava did at that age with perhaps a touch more mischief. For Valerie this is a special time of healing and of new happiness, or more specifically, Joy. Valerie had contacted Renata, Ava's breeder, and got a beautiful Groenendael girl named Joy. I just received word that Joy is arriving a day early; Valerie is both ecstatic and nervous. I am looking forward to the flood of new pictures, new experiences, and new adventures of this new chapter in Valerie's life of Joy.

Looking forward to Joy's safe arrival.