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Violation of any policy or of the Terms of Use will result in immediate banning without notification and, where applicable, immediate legal action in cases of copyright violation.

Disclaimer and Release of Liability

You assume all liability for the use or application of any information found on this website.

You agree to release this website and its author from all harm and liability that may arise from the use or misuse of any materials found on this website.

You assume all responsibility for confirming or disproving the veracity of all information found on this website.



This website and its contents, in whole and/or part:

  • may not be downloaded or digitally stored on any device not authorized by the copyright holder;

  • may not be redistributed in any form to any third party or parties;

  • may not be reprinted or republished by any party without the author's express written permission.

In addition:

  • You may NOT repost anything in or from this website without written permission.

  • You may NOT post any link to any part of this website anywhere except to the home page (

  • You may NOT repost or embed any video located this website anywhere.

member behavior​, subscription, and accounts

I have a zero tolerance policy for rude and stupid. Fortunately that's not an issue here because only friends become members, but my attorney tells me I have to post all of this anyway:

  • Members who post rude and/or derogatory comments will be banned without notice.

  • Members without appropriate credentials who are willfully posting inaccurate medical and/or veterinary information presented as fact will be banned without notice. This does not refer to the presentation of opinions or ideas.

  • No fake or duplicate accounts are allowed; the name you subscribe with MUST be your real name.

  • Members who violate these policies and the Terms of Use will be banned without notice.

  • Members who enjoy a status of permanent blocking on the TPO Facebook page will be banned without notice if their accounts are found on this site.

  • Any accounts remaining inactive (e.g., no log-ins) for three months or more may be deleted without notice. Anyone with a deleted account can simply re-send a member request.

  • Banning is permanent for the life of this website.

These terms are subject to change without notice.

Updated  November 18 2018